Contribute to The Curatours!

What is The Curatours? The Curatours is a multimedia platform that gives voice to the otherwise untold stories of black millennial achievement. We harness the power of personal narrative through profiles of young black visionaries, and feature thoughtful articles from strong writers.

What kind of content can be contributed? We are looking for contributors to write narratives as well as commentary on topics ranging from pop culture and current events to personal experiences and professional growth. We have three verticals: Narratives, Lifestyle and Opinion.

  • Narratives are part of the initial vision of The Curatours: to tell stories about black millennials excelling in their careers and impacting their communities. 
  • Lifestyle pieces are standard blog articles that might reflect on a certain experience, offer some advice for the audience or outline a new perspective on a pop culture topic. 
  • Opinion pieces might overlap with Lifestyle articles in subject matter, but should include facts and figures to back up the commentary.

With all three verticals, we have two major guidelines: the subject matter must be relevant to young black people, our target audience; and the writing must be well-edited and well-researched (if applicable) before it is submitted. The Curatours and its founders take writing seriously — we are looking for contributors who value good writing as well.

Our goal with submitted posts is two-fold: to diversify the voices on our site, and to build a network of strong writers who contribute quality, thoughtful pieces to The Curatours community.

We hope you will consider joining us in this endeavor. As we build this network of contributors, the expectation is that all involved — founders and writers alike — grow as writers, learn more about digital media and continue to contribute positively to popular narratives about black millennials.

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