Buy Black This Year With The Curatours Gift Guide 2017

Although 2017 has been a banner year for injustice and prejudice, those challenges have only made it more important—and more comforting—for people of color to flock toward spaces and brands made for us, by us. Here are some of our favorites. There’s something here for everyone on your list.



Who doesn’t love a well-made graphic tee or hoodie? This is the perfect time to buy high-quality streetwear made with us in mind. Pro-tip: lots of these brands have surprise sales throughout the year, so follow them ASAP.

The Fear Hurdler

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The Sellers Group


Melanin University


Sugar Honey Iced Tees



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Black People Shirts


Civilly Righteous Clothing


Embodi Collective


Designed for Purpose


PhD Clothing Company

M&C Movement

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BE Great Gear

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Y-Fit Wear

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Dope Essence

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MyPride Apparel


Melanin Connoisseur



We all have the one friend who is constantly dressed to the nines. They pull out the pocket squares every Sunday for brunch, all their shirts require cufflinks, and the heels on their shoes ensure that you can hear them coming down the sidewalk. No need to hate on their sense of style—instead, shop these vetted, black-owned brands, made with “that friend” in mind.


Flare and Square


Kahmune Luxury Footwear

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Mo’s Bows

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Posh Knots Bow Ties

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Flat Out of Heels


Aminah Abdul Jillil



What’s a great outfit without the right little pieces to pull it together? We all have a dad hat or two in our collection. Some of these items let you extend your personal style to home décor (hint: check out Pardon My Fro).

Coins & Connections


Urban Demand Brand


Captivating Caps


Layd Hats

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Springbreak Watches


Beads by Aree

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Pardon My Fro

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The Carter Brand


Melanin Apparel



Let’s be honest: not everyone on your list needs a major addition to their wardrobe. Certain friends and family would rather get a smaller gift that will still make them think of you every time they see it. Gifts in this category range from wellness products like Lit Bklyn’s hand-poured candles, to blackity-black pins, to playing cards by companies who understand that #representationmatters. The Curatours team may or may not have already ordered some of these for the family.

Lit Bklyn

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Black Supply

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My Cards

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Tactile Matter


Coloring Pins


Adorned by Chi


Cards for All People


Base Butter

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Lauren Napier Beauty

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We know that a months- or year-long subscription box will likely cost you a pretty penny. But think of the people you buy things for multiple times a year: parents, siblings, and significant others are likely getting a few presents from you between birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and that made-up holiday that falls in the middle of Black History Month. Either way, consider signing them up for a gift that’ll keep on giving all year long. We’ve got everything here: books for the bookworms, beauty products for the YouTube-tutorial-obsessed, and a black-owned winery membership for the fancy folks.

Onyx Box

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Noir Reads

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The Self-Care Box


My Lit Box

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Brown Estate

If you order something from this list, let us know how you like it—good or bad! We’ll keep that in mind for next year’s list, and if you’d like, we’ll share your comments with the companies you bought from. All feedback is good feedback.

Happy holidays to you and yours.

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