Quenton Jordan and his brother spent years promising each other they’d find success by the time they turned 25. Now, he works with students from underserved communities, bringing them the financial expertise he learned in school and through his work as a consultant.

When asked about his expectations for the organization, Quenton is more than confident: “RichBefore25 will grow into a million-dollar business in the relatively near future and will be active in a number of different cities throughout the U.S., impacting thousands of youth as we strive towards achieving our mission. I would rather have a positively impactful business than a lucrative one, but who’s to say that we can’t have both?”

Read on to find out how this ambition informs the choices Quenton makes with his growing organization.

When, how and why did you start RichBefore25?

RichBefore25, the movement, started my senior year of high school, so roughly 2011/2012. My brother and Co-Founder, Dequin Ramey, and I were in business together at the time, and challenged one another to pursue our dreams of one day becoming “rich.” Coming from the South side of Chicago, we would always hear people tell us that by the time we were 25, we would likely be serving 25 to life behind bars. We took it upon ourselves to flip the narrative and challenged ourselves to become financially well-off instead. From that, the RichBefore25 movement started.

As our support grew, I began brainstorming ways to build the brand into something much larger and more impactful. I thought intensively for months about the issues that I felt affected people similar to me the worst, and issues that I felt most people strongly cared about despite the demographic, and then it dawned on me: personal finance, money. Two topics that everyone cares strongly about, but few truly understand. Being that I had a solid background in the financial industry and a firm understanding of financial topics, I figured it was time to put my talents to use and build RichBefore25 the movement, into RichBefore25 the non-profit organization.

As of January 2017, RichBefore25 is officially a registered non-profit corporation.

How did you meet and select your team?

Choosing a solid team was among one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, things to do. There are so many factors to consider that may seem unimportant, but will truly have an impact of the success of the business. The most challenging part was finding people who were both passionate about the vision and who could execute the roles that were needed. The team that we have now is not the initial team that we started off with, but it is the team that is best for the task at hand.

It took me months, literally, to figure out the perfect team. It wasn’t a matter of just choosing friends or people in my network who had amazing backgrounds and achievements, those played a factor, but were not the main points. I focused more on who would work best together, who would actually tell me when I had terrible ideas and combat them with better ones, who wouldn’t mind working on towards achieving the mission without having to be pressured, and who actually embodied the core values that I set in place.

Who is your target demographic for events and why?

The target demographic for RichBefore25 is youth between the ages of 13 -24, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Our services are in no way limited to this age range, but they are designed to be most beneficial and impactful for individuals in their early teens up to age 24. We chose this demographic because not only do we identify with and best relate to this demographic, but it also represents the next generation of community and world leaders.

There are a ton of necessary ‘life topics’ that are not taught in schools, such as how to properly ball on a budget and the importance of reinvesting back into YOUR OWN community. Our goal is to bring these topics and more back to the forefront and deliver them in a way that actually makes you want to pay attention.

What is it like balancing RichBefore25 with your day job?

It’s probably one of the most challenging, yet rewarding and relieving obstacles that I face. I work as a business and technology integration consultant, so my day job is extremely demanding. Often times, the work that needs to be done for RichBefore25 runs in parallel with my consulting work, and balancing the two can be rather difficult. I would say that on average I work about 16 hours a day Monday – Friday, split between the two and not always evenly. In order for the business to grow as planned, this is what’s necessary. It also provides sort of a release. Since RichBefore25 is dedicated to work that I’m truly passionate about, it feels less of a job and more of a hobby that I happen to take very seriously.

Many of the lessons and technical skills that I’ve picked up on from my consulting experience are easily transferrable to running and managing RichBefore25. I believe that I would have made a number of mistakes that I was able to avoid with RichBefore25 because of what I learned as a consultant.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in starting a business?

There is no way to cheat the grind. You have to put the groundwork in. Do your research. Explore numerous ideas: Most will fail, but each will teach. Don’t try to rush results. If you remain consistent the results will come with time.


Learn more about Quenton and RichBefore25 at richbefore25.com.

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