Danny Sellers is no stranger to building brands: he started a fledgling blog in 2014, debuted a namesake media platform in 2015, launched a t-shirt line early this year and now has a new venture in the works, with his sights set on a late-summer release.

The 2014 Elon University grad has built these brands with people he knows, loves and trusts — a choice more and more young entrepreneurs are making these days. He recently added the 9-to-5 grind back to his plate after a fruitful six months of focusing in on The Seller Group’s weekly podcast, t-shirt line and other endeavors.

Danny says, “Entrepreneurship is the most selfless and selfish thing you can ever do, if done right.”



When and how did you start The Sellers Group? What was your motivation for doing so?

I started The Sellers Group officially in February 2015. I reached out to some frat brothers of mine to see if they wanted to start writing for a blog I was starting. It might have been 4 or 5 of us total. My motivation was to build something that was relevant to young people. When I got out of school I started a personal blog that was grammatically horrible but well received. It was called ‘JustABlackman.’ [With The Sellers Group] I wanted to create something more professional and relevant to more people.

How did you meet and select your team? What role do each of them play in the success of The Sellers Group?

I selected people that I knew already, people that were friends that I knew would be interested in telling their stories. Each gave a unique take on what life as a young 

professional was. I learned something new every time I read a new post

Tell me about your decision to start The 9–5 Podcast. What goes into planning, recording and producing each week?

I would say late 2016, I started to fall in love with podcasts. I started to think that my team and I had enough content that we could write, produce and create a solid podcast consistently.

What was the impetus for launching an apparel line? How did you come up with the concept behind the Class of 2004Ever line?

Honestly, I wanted to monetize the company. But I more importantly wanted to add another branch of The Sellers Group. I wanted to make something that was catchy. I think everyone has a “clothing line” these days, so I wanted mine to be another level higher than just words or phrases on a t-shirt. Everything we do will have a meaning beyond just the words you see on the shirt.

How do you see your businesses growing in the future?

We are accumulating scripts for a web series now. We are currently planning pieces for our fall line of merchandise. So I am really excited about that for the fall and homecoming season. I am also developing an app-based company called MyGreat @mygreatmoving. It is a new thing that’s not my expertise so it has its challenges, but we will get the launch hopefully late this summer.

What’s a piece of advice you would give to someone who’s interested in starting a business?

It has to have a purpose outside of just what’s cool to you. Anything that you create that will make money needs to be consumable by “The Market’. If nobody else wants what you are creating, it’s just a hobby.


You got your shirt on TV by reaching out to a stylist and sending free products. What other creative strategies do you implement to grow your audience for the apparel, the podcast and the site?

Leverage social media like hell and @ other influencers. We are trying to do a better job but we are looking to get more contributors to help create as well. (If anyone would like to write or help produce content, reach out via email to Danny@the1sellersgroup.com.)

Tell me about MyGreat — do you have a timeline for the launch? Will The Sellers Group be a separate entity, or will there be crossover? How do plan to balance the two endeavors?

It is at mobile moving platform that will allow people to schedule on demand moving, storage unit location/booking and buy/sell unwantedgoods all in one application. We are looking at the end of this summer for a launch. It will likely be two totally different things. Of course there will be overlap in users but they are separate entities.

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